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speedpaint, ambient, rough illustration
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so here we go,

As you could have read in the first commission widget, i talked about raising price or lowering it, for example here i think it's fair to say that a character, with landscape or complex background is way more expensive in time for me, so yeah, price is the same.

Really, do not hesitate if you think i'm going crazy with prices and if you have never seen prices like that on other DA members page, also give me their URL so i can compare their work to mine.
Original Character Commission
Pinup1 2012 by MoonYeah
chibichoupithai by MoonYeah
OC-LilithAssassin by MoonYeah
 Starting my first commission attempt, i don't really know how it's gonna work, i don't feel confortable with this DA widget, but, at least if people want an illustration from me it would be a pleasure to meet their attempt ^^.

About the price, if you look in my gallery there are some characters i did for Eredan ITCG, they are professional commissions and because of that they are high priced (can we say that in english?) I cannot even put the same price on DA because it is limited to 60€... L.O.L

Anyway, it depends on what you want, i could raise the price, or lower it.
If you want a pretty simple character with a simple background like the one on the right, i really think 3000 points is fair, same for the one with big boobs on the left.

And i think i need to do another widget for more complex pictures...


wip - aerie by Deedolit

Hello there, So ok... i don't really know what to say about this particular picture. But because your point here is "to get better at d...

Official Persona Art by vleugjesanne

So chinatsu already talked about the breast, true, if you mask left side she seems to be flat chested, and in my opinion, because she l...




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Mounier Florent
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I've just finished watching one more anime yesterday, Guilty Crown, it was okay...

But there was this question i was asking myself :

What is wrong with the scenarists romance ideas?

I mean, seriously what is up with them? Is this the way young boys in japan imagine being in love with someone? Or is this the way media want them to see it?

The Anime was kinda cool, despite the fact it works like 200% of any shonen, especially with mechas, the introvert hero, the always blank face female crush that speaks like she's lost half of her brain, the divine fate of the world that will obviously end up in the hero's hand... etc...

-- Caution SPOILER alert --
-- Caution SPOILER alert --
-- Caution SPOILER alert --
-- Caution SPOILER alert --
Spoilers about Guilty Crown and Gurren Laggan.

Even in the first episode you can see it coming, i mean, seriously you could put a test at some point in which you should answer this question : "what is gonna happen to the girl in the very end?"
And maybe there are 3 possibilities...

You should pick between :

1 / They'll be living happy forever.
2 / She's gonna turn out to be the biggest threat in the story.
3 / She's gonna die anyway...

Of course you'll never pick the first one, and in some anime show you'll be happy to find out you were wrong, but we are in a mecha anime, all hope is lost.

There were actually 2 valid answers, she's gonna turn out as the biggest threat, and will die because of some last rule the scenarist made up at the very end...
Believe it or not but it's even happening twice... Two girls are in love with the hero, the two girls dies...

Why is this bothering me? Well, i'm not the "fanboy" type, and i don't care that much about one anime choosing this overly tragic ending...

But when i see it in so much different show, i begin to ask myself, why is that?
And the worse part is at the very end, when she's dead, and you see the hero "few years later" that is still alone and just think back about her, so i guess we need to understand he's gonna stay alone and live his romance in his head for the rest of his life, as any teenager should do? As any nerd, geek or otaku i guess?

So i keep asking : Why?

Why do they always have to do that? If it was rare i would find it cool, but you can see this type of plot twist coming in almost every japanim... If it's not the main characters, it's gonna happen to secondary ones. Just for the sake of tragedy...

It kinda works this way :
When you see one or two episodes building up a romance between two characters (and you are lucky if it's this short, because most of the time it takes the entire show to finally get to some little first kiss), you know one of them is gonna die, if not both, and i mean, it's just fucking annoying to see it coming from light years before...

Maybe anime characters should watch more anime themselves ^^'


Okay these are imaginary characters, dude, don't get mad for this...
I'm not mad, but i'm thinking about one fact :

The Anime and manga are a huge part of our culture and education.
Medias like Movies, Tv Shows, Comics etc.. have a real place in the way we learn things, because you don't only learn at school or by experiencing thing in real life, it has some power in the way you are gonna see the world, your life, your interaction with others.
And in my opinion you don't need to be an absolute otaku to be pushed by some Anime show, considering most of the viewers are pretty young i think they also are pretty easy to influenced.

At the end of Guilty Crown you could easily read that it's "okay" if you girlfriend dies, because you can spend the rest of your life listening at her voice on a MP3 player...

You want a worst example? Think about Gurren Lagann, at the very end "Nia" (shame on this name) just dies during her wedding, some character found it kind of shocking, but for Simon? It's okay, because they spoke about it... So i guess if you girlfriend tells you "i'm gonna die" don't worry, it's okay because she told you!

There are plenty of examples but i don't want to spoil too much different shows here ^^, i'm just wondering, why is that?
In some other shows the two main lovers won't necessarily die, but you can be sure they won't live a happy normal life, they'll be cast away from the world, or trapped in another dimension, or turn out in some monsters or anything that will possibly make their life shitty as hell...

Well, it's annoying, because when i'm watching a show, yes i want to feel scared or sad for the characters, it builds some tension, and it's a good way to make you wonder what is gonna happen, but in the end i also want to feel sort of happy for them, i want to end the last episode and tell myself, that was cool, but in shows where the lovers always die i'm just wondering what does the scenarist want me to feel? Does he want me to accept that love stories always end bad? Is it okay to teach kids that every time you are in love with someone you are gonna lose this person, especially in an overly tragic way?

I would be glad to hear what you think about it, i guess romance in scenario is a tough subject, if you are a scenarist, or if you are japanese and know something i don't get about japan culture, i would be really glad to hear from you.
Because i'm not here to judge anything, it's just a subject that i find really fascinating!
And i would like to understand why most love stories in anime seems to be lost before it even begins....

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